Guy Woodhouse is a natural gardener. Coming from a job in engineering and a degree in Earth Science, his problem solving skills, understanding of the environment and creative flair have helped to change gardens that were static and safe into places of beauty.
His naturalistic style of planting and designing has been the product of many years studying, trial and error and a love of plants. He has an RHS level 2 certificate in Practical Horticulture.

Guy will come to your garden and know intuitively what needs to be done - be it re-shaping hedges, shrubs or a lawn, creating a new planting plan or simply clearing your garden. Garden renovations are a speciality, as are his encyclopaedic knowledge of perennial plants and grasses. He also designs and makes unique garden structures to fit your space and blend into your surroundings perfectly.

 Take a look at the projects to see what he can do and for a FREE CONSULTATION, give us a call : 01297 444913 or 07552 616168 or use the contact form below

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