Over the years, Guy's love of plants has meant that he can now propagate from seedlings, division and cuttings. Some plants self seed all over the place and others less so. From these seedlings, new plants are produced but are not always true. Some become so large they need to be split, like grasses.


A style of planting that is generally less formal in approach, using a limited, well chosen palette of plants that create an impact for most of the year. The combination of grasses and perennials look stunning and the bees and other insects are drawn to the pollen rich flowers which is great for the environment. Borders are cut down each spring leaving the debris as mulch which saves water, reduces weeds and creates homes for wildlife.

Guy only buys his plants from good nurseries that he trusts, and has had good results with over time, such as 'Knoll Gardens' near Wimborne in Dorset, Dayspring Plants, Exeter & 'Blooming Wild Nursery' ( undergoing relocation )

Any of the plants you buy through us will be strong, vigorous and healthy, as long as they are planted in the right place and in the right soil which we can help you with. Not all soils are created equal!  Very often plant sellers will say the plants need 'light, moisture retentive, well drained soil' but we all know in Devon and Dorset we have clay subsoil in a lot of places, so plants need to be chosen wisely or work has to be done to amend the soil.

Here are some of his current favourites: